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I am Tony D’Alauro or as most know me, just “Tony D.” I started out in the television field in 1988 just as the post houses were putting their quad machines in the closet and trying out the new 1” format. What an interesting time for the television and broadcast industry! 

How we edit and what we work on has come a long way and I am happy to have been a part of the editing evolution and the experience that I have gained through all of it. When I am working on a project, I bring all of that experience, professionalism and creativity - down to the last detail - to the table. 100% dedicated to you and our partnership.

Through the last 34 years I have worked on a handful of different projects, from Broadcast spots, Marketing Network Promos, EPK’s and Trailers, long form shows from Discovery Magazine to Sesame Street of which I won a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Multi-Camera Editing.
Whatever it is that you need a hand with, I will jump in with both feet. Even if it is something new to me, I’ll accept the challenge and go head on. That’s how I got from 1” tape machines to editing on a computer by learning to take on new projects and skills. 

So let me know how I can help you! Give me a call, shoot me an email and reach me through my contact page. You can hire me as a freelance editor if you are a network and post house or hire me as a vendor through my LLC. I am available for short term and long term projects.

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